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Last word? Not really, but I made ya look, eh?

I finally received samples of the IMS reflectors, got a few "chopped" ones from Chop (I am just So Clevah with words lately, eh?), and had on hand a couple of *other* reflectors, one being used in other mods extensively now and, IMHO, is a Very Good reflector indeed (Pelican M6), and the other is the "Mystery Reflector" (MR) which, based on what little I know about light collimation technology just might possibly stand a chance of taking the Crown from everybody go hand in hand nicely with the King's Crown on the other end (thar's thet clevah-niss agin!)...

First of all here's everybody:

From left to right:

IMS 17mm original (Chop's chopped one)
IMS 17mm new style (short legged)
IMS 17mm new style (long legged)
IMS 20.5mm
IMS 27.5mm
Pelican (cut down for Luxeon use)
Mystery Reflector (MR) - note greater cup depth which theoretically should capture more of the off-angle photons broadcast from the Luxeon, thereby catching and directing forward a greater volume of total light.

It is immediately apparent that barring a perfectly lucky placement between the mess of wires on top of the VIP's heatsink, the legs of the "new" version 17mm may possibly interfere with installation on the Luxeon. However those legs Could be cut.

Here's the three 17's again, up a little closer:

As can be seen, the only real differences are in the length of the legs, or in the case of the original design, no legs at all. The cups are about the same diameter and depth, plastic casting flash and vacuum metallized plating variances notwithstanding.

Here's a close-up of the three Big Boys - PR, 27.5mm and MR:

Although not verified with calipers, the 27.5mm and PR appear just about identical in diameter as well as depth:

The MR however, is a hair narrower than the 27.5mm:

But look at the obvious difference in cup depth:

Finally, note the differences in coarseness of texture between the three, as well as the areas on which they are applied:

In my phone conversation with IMS VP Greg Rhoads he stated that as a result of their own independent research, the degree of stippling they designed into their reflectors was just enough to smooth out artifacts and no more. He said that additional texturing would only result in loss of overall collimated light.

Thus it can be seen that their 27.5mm has a "smoother" texture, and the MR's stippling is pretty much the same; however, the manufacturer of the MR reflector chose to leave the outer portion of the reflective surface mirror smooth, hopefully a knowledgeable twist on current technology to provide even greater forward throw than the 27.5mm -- we'll see, as I have already commenced production of the BH (that's *regular* BulkHead) using the MR reflector. The same CNC shop that did the VIP bodies is proceeding on this full speed ahead...

Hopefully this bold experiment will result in greater collective knowledge for CPF'ers, and greater benefit for about 2/3rds of the VIP buyers (I have a little less than 200 MR reflectors, with no more coming ever).


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