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Thanks to a highly skilled and motivated journeyman machinist, we were able to modify a tiny 5-Watt Cyan host out of the Brinkmann NexStar 2AA donor to create the MicroDragon (2C NexStar and 2AA Maglite shown for size reference):

This sucker is small.

Yet hidden in its miniscule confines we were able to cram three CR123 lithiums while leaving alone the 2AA NexStar's thick, heavy aluminum body, especially around the head joint, for more than adequate heatsinking...

...in order to overdrive the 5-Watt Luxeon at a full 9V:

The beam of the 2C Nexneedle is tighter due to its larger reflector. The MicroDragon's tiny reflector proved inadequate for a tight, focused beam and the NX-05 optical collimator was substituted, but a wider and possibly more useful beam was the result (look at the sidespill light on the tabletop directly in front of the MicroDragon).

But its 2AA reflector (about the same size as the 2AA Maglite's) was modified and retained for a quick and easy swap if a larger flood beam is required. Here's a comparison of the front ends:

And here is another beamshot of the two newest members of The Fire Breathing Green Dragon family against a wall five feet away (again note the additional sidespill of the MicroDragon's beam):

Just another teeny and bright 5-Watt mod to add to the LED flashoholic's burgeoning arsenal.

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