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Here is the proportionally correct CAD diagram of the body shape for the upcoming LionCub:

Although not shown here, there will be a cutout milled into one edge of the circumferential curvature of the bottom flare to create a lanyard passage. It is designed to still allow full, flat tailstanding ability.

The slimmed waist section will be the only knurled area. Top sections will remain smooth to allow for logo and inscription etching, as well as not interfering with the chamfered switch cutout. The switch is still located in the central body component (hereafter referred to as the Control Module).

The thickness of the integral heatsink (visible as the solid top section of the Control Module) has been made thicker than the LionHeart's to further improve thermal conductivity.

There are three o-ringed joints as in the LionHeart; however, the o-ring of the battery tube has been relocated to create a bore seal with the Control Module as opposed to the previous edge seal of the LH. This completely eliminates o-ring friction against the circuit board and ensures no twisting force will occur to cause mislocation of the switch, while still providing full waterproofing.

The overall length is tentatively ~2.98 inches.

The first couple of pieces to the LionCub body rolled off the CNC lathes today:

The battery tube's theme was designed to be reminiscent of prior MR Bulk™ custom-bodied lights such as the VIP and LionHeart, by adding a ridged area where the light would normally be gripped, with knurling of the tops of these ridges to create separate grip bands.

The yet-to-be-made final body piece, the bezel, will carry the ridged theme as well, except they will remain smooth to create contrast while at the same time adding interest to the overall look. "This ain't no twist-on light, sonny".

Sheesh, I feel like an automobile exterior designer now...

UPDATE 3-8-05:

The 200 PWM boards for the LionCub, programmed with the latest V.2 interface firmware, have just made their grand entrance to Hawaii...

UPDATE 3-10-05:

Got some new pictures for you, both actual photographs of some LionCub parts now knurled, as well as CAD renderings of the upcoming LionHead accessory.

In this picture you can see the five grip bands created on the LionCub body now that knurling has been applied:

Note the teeny lil' diamond points all a-starin' back up atcha...

Here is one that just got done, still chucked up on the CNC lathe and ready to be parted:

A pic just to show there are indeed more brothers and sisters where these came from, all due to be born shortly:

But wait - what's this? Why sit around waiting while one project is going on, when we could be working on a follow up? So here are a couple of 3D renderings on the upcoming LionHead, which will transform the Cub into a light for ALL reasons:

I personally like the chunky, no-nonsense look, like a little Lion King on - steroids...

This beamshot of a proto LionHead on a Cub test mule graphically illustrates the throw from an Lh-equipped Cub. It will literally transform the Cub into something that replaces just about every other light I have:

It quite cleanly outthrows the Space Needle II...

Hmmm...Big Sale on my Old Lights right after the Cubs ship...?

UPDATE 3-16-05:

First photo of a complete Lioncub body:

Of course more cuts are still to be made but this is an exact representation, aside from the finish, of how an assembled Cub will look...

UPDATE 3-17-05:

Luminaria 'Shopped the photo of the bare aluminum LionCub shown on the other thread, to give us an idea of how the black ones will look:

It even gots the button on the side and white light comin' out the end...cool!

UPDATE 3-21-05:

Here is a picture of the first LionHead-in-the-rough:

Note that only the conical top part will be the actual Lh, the rest is there to give something for the lathe to hang on to during shaping. Also there will be a thin narrow bezel that screws down on top to hold in the eventual lens and o-ring.

And - I just got confirmation that the first completed LionCub body is in the mail to me today. Comparison pictures next to known lights will be coming quite soon...

UPDATE 3-24-05:

The gold-on-nickel springs arrived today:

Adds a nice lil' Midas Touch, don't ta think?

UPDATE 3-29-05:

The incomplete LionCub body is here. "Incomplete" in that we simply needed it Right Now to send to the proto machinist to work out the sizing/spacing/exact fitment of the LionHead that will be the real feature setting this pocketlight apart from the rest.

But meanwhile I was able to fiddle with it a bit to make sure all parts will indeed go together as planned:

Note the thickness of that little .840" diameter UCL lens...

*Disclaimer: this is NOT the Bin Code that will be used as the X1 tint is just a little too "warm" for my tastes - but Thanks nonetheless "Mr. C", much appreciated!

And here is a shot next (and I mean *Next*) to a couple of "known" lights:

Just a lil' bit shorter...

Here we see it with some other "known" lights, except with a couple of parts switched around to illustrate the Lego-like versatility of the entire package (attainable only if one indeed *has* the entire package):

More to come soon, as things will now ramp up quite rapidly...

UPDATE 4-4-05:

Yes, the LionHead is now actually in existence - living, breathing, and illuminating in the same air as we - I am heading out the door for a loooong workday this particular day (yes, at my Real job) but for now here it is next to an LH - "What's shorter than a LionHeart yet has several times the candlepower?":

And no, this is NOT an ST...

UPDATE 4-21-05:

Just some pictures of what the lanyard passage will look like:

Also the LionHead proto came in today, will try to put up some pics tomorrow evening, just got home from work and I yam simply bushed...

UPDATE 4-22-05:

Spoke to the machine shop today, they estimate the bodies will be completed next week, then off to the anodizers and laser engravers they go, although the Control Modules will be sent straight to me after anodizing since the engraving is only on the other parts.

Also, the ST "bodies" may be done some time next week as well and will be sent to me - funny, this means the STs will actually be built before the LionCubs - you know how they give that free 9-for-8 haircut at SuperCuts when your card is all filled up? Kinda feels like that...

And tonight: pic of a stock Cub next to its stock LionHeart brothers(sisters?) - brothers can't have no offspring now can they...?

UPDATE 4-23-05:

I surrounded the LionCub proto with its older siblings (parents?) and snapped this pic:

Now see if you can pick him out from among this lineup of some of my smaller lights:

And the same lineup with flash enabled just to see it glint off the contours of the various bodies:

UPDATE 4-26-05:

Yes, I did indeed get the LionCub proto built and running, and skulked off to take some quick beamshots as well as LIGHT METER READINGS. Here it is next to one of its older siblings:

And here are their beams shining on the lower edge of our sloped ceiling, angled upward and about 15 feet away, LionCub on the left:

Note how the Cub's 20.5mm reflector spreads out more compared to the Heart's 27mm reflector; for those seeking a bit more coverage with a bit less throw.

Now we have them shining up close and personal against a wall just 12 inches away - Cub on the right this time:

You can get an idea of the spill corona here, with that of the Cub's obviously smaller.

And last but not least, lux readings from one meter away. This particular LionHeart that I kept was always a strong performer, and on a Pila no longer fresh after doing these beamshots it still made over 3,000 lux:

The Cub's light meter reading with its smaller reflector and also-somewhat-used R123 battery was still no slouch, putting out nearly 1800 lux:

But enough of this piddling around (and I know that word quite well after babysitting two puppies for the past three weeks!), here is what most have been waiting for, namely how the LionCub performs when you spin on the new LionHead. Two words - it roars. Here it is standing next to and sizing up its competition, a 3D Maglite with a Luxeon 3 rumbling under its hood:

Note the similarity in size - head size, that is...

And here are the beams when shone up on the ceiling, with LionHead-equipped Cub on the left:

I did not have the time (nor the equipment, my tripod is on loan to brother-in-law at the moment) to set up outside for a long distance night shot, but suffice to say that this ceiling beamshot shows how close in output these two lights really are. In fact when just shining'em out into the valley behind our home, it was obvious that the reach for both lights was virtually the same.

You will note that the Cub in all photographs has a "warmer" tint. I have a TWOJ in there right now which is why I prefer the YO/YA/XO bins, just makes the beam Seem brighter, whether it really is or not.

But the proof is in the pudding - or light meter, as it were - and the Maglite was indeed slightly brighter:

In fact it produced over 10,000 lux from one meter away. But the little Cub with its Swollen Head still showed its familial heritage:

That's right - over Nine Thousand Lux - all from a light you can hide behind a hand:

And please realize that this hand belongs to a petite, 5-foot-one Asian woman - my wife (and what better way to get your significant other interested in your Flashaholism, eh?).

But wait! Hmmm, what manner of lights are these?

Or this one?

Or even - THIS ONE???

Ahh, yes...as discussed previously, welcome to the world of the Modular Lion. Coming soon to a (hopefully dark) theater near you!

UPDATE 4-26½:

No, the "light" is not playing tricks on your eyes:

Let's just say this one will have the initials "LE" hung onto its name. *Extremely* limited quantity, not for pre-sale yet, but indeed being m Answer: play with the parts ya already got.

So I hereby proudly present my dynamic duo of Tuxedo Lions:

Created by simply swapping around the modular parts. But this is nothing - wait till I get the bare aluminum proto LionHead back...

UPDATE 05-05-05 (and how many of us are gonna be around when those numbers come up again?):

Anyway, someone said I should mess around and introduce THIS as the "ST" (String Thing...?) but I said nah, enough game playing already:

Woven from 220 paracord by HAT member Bill and instead of everyday chrome-plated steel, the ringclip is maritime-rated spring stainless...sold in yer finer saltwater fishin' shops ever'whar.

Thanks Bill!

UPDATE 5-10-05:

Here's a workbench picture taken tonight to shows y'all that I'm not just sitting around waiting for mail - the LionCub boards had to be wired up Some time! Only 169 to go...

Thank You for your continued patience...


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