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The Arctic Silver epoxy finally showed signs of good firmness so I finished the solder points on the 5W white Mag 2C Space Needle (hey, it's my mod and I'll call her whatever I want, especially after the alien abduction ordeal she went through) and fired her up -- man, was she ever BRIGHT!

The first thing anybody does with a new mod is compare it to known existing contemporaries, so here is a pic of the Luxeon Warriors (hey, that'd be a cool name for a laser tag team or something). From left to right they are:

1W Side Emitter in Mag 3D

5W Side Emitter in Garrity 2D/6AA

Space Needle

and the LGI:

I included the LGI to highlight just how small and handy the Maglite 2C flashlight really is.

And here are the beamshots in the same order, taken from 8 feet away:

The Space Needle had the biggest hotspot and in person it was obvious that the hotspot was brighter as well. Also note how truly white the beam is compared to the other three, especially in the coronas. Also notice how the two 5-watt lights make the vaunted LGI look like an X5 or Photon II (*sob*)...

I then light metered the two 5 watters and the Garrity made 3,730 lux against the Space Needle's 4,920 lux.

But focus (or lack thereof) tends to distort the readings, so I did an Integrating Ceiling Test by facing the light meter sensor straight up and shining each light at the same spot above it on the ceiling. I also measured the 1W Mag 3D for comparison:

Space Needle - 25 lux

Garrity - 22 lux

1W Mag 3D - 12 lux

The difference in brightness between the Space Needle and Garrity could probably be attributed to the individual flux difference between the two identical Luxeon models (both 5-watt white Side Emitters), but then again, the Space Needle is being powered by three Sanyo 123 lithiums.

And finally, the Lambda-inspired light saber shot, over 8 feet of lumpy berber carpet:

Here you can really see the difference in the beam colors, as well as the size and intensity of the hotspot.

I must agree with McGizmo that the HDs seem to work even better than the Side Emitters in reflectors. Nothing left to do but wait for a 5W HD to mod.

Coming up next, Space Needle Part II...or could this be the new LG5?




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